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1. Where do you source your camu camu berries?

We source our berries from the Brazilian Amazon River basin. We use local agricultural co-op villages to harvest the berries and then they are immediately frozen fresh. The fruit is then brought to the U.S. in frozen containers and is processed using a highly proprietary method that preserves over 85% of the naturally occurring nutrients. We also process the whole fruit: skin, pulp and seed. We capsule the powder using no binders, fillers or synthetic ingredients, creating 100% pure camu berry powder.

2. How long does it take to start noticing the effects of Amaçari?

Most individuals start to notice an effect in the first 3-5 days. Because each body metabolizes differently and has different ailments and needs, it can take in some cases 3-4 weeks before noticing the benefits. Amaçari also contains high levels of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that can be more effective than synthetic multi-vitamins, making Amaçari a good alternative for daily health, wellness and immune support.

3. Do you process in a facility that works with nuts, soy or dairy?

Our manufacturing facility is clean of nut, soy and dairy cross-contamination.

4. Can I overdose on Amaçari?

We recommend 2 capsules twice daily; however, we hear from many of our customers who have experienced life-changing results taking 3-4 capsules twice daily. It is important to introduce Amaçari at the recommended usage before increasing the dosage.

5. Is Amaçari certified Organic?

Amaçari is 100% wild-crafted and sustainably harvested in the Brazilian Amazon. We attest that our fruit and every process along the way are aligned with the requirements of GMP and compliant to the highest standards.

6. Are there any side effects or allergies associated with Amaçari?

We have had no reported cases of any individuals having an allergic reaction to Amaçari. We have also not been notified as to any users experiencing detrimental side effects. However, if you are concerned, we would always encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider.

7. I saw other camu camu products being sold for less money than yours. What makes Amaçari better for the cost?

Amaçari offers the highest quality camu camu on the market for multiple reasons. First, we source the berries at the peak of their ripeness and freeze them fresh. Second, we process the whole fruit, including the skin, seed and pulp, maximizing the nutritional compounds in the fruit. Third, our proprietary powdering process captures 85% of all the naturally occurring nutrients, estimating 3 full berries in each 500 mg capsule. Fourth, our capsules contain nothing but the camu camu powder, so you are getting no fillers or preservatives with your camu.

8. What is the shelf life of Amaçari?

Amaçari carries a two-year shelf life.

9. Does your company have an economic impact in the Brazilian Amazon where you harvest?

Absolutely. Many of the co-ops that we partner with to harvest our fruit are able to provide more opportunities for their children and families as a result of our engagement, and are able to purchase critical supplies for their villages, such as generators, with the revenue earned from the harvests.

10. Is Amaçari safe for children to take?

As Amaçari is a whole fruit powder with no fillers or preservatives, we are aware of no specific risks to children. However, we recommend introducing 1 capsule per day for children. You can also open the capsule and put the powder in their yogurt, apple sauce, or other food or drink.

11. Can I take Amaçari with my prescription medications?

It is always important to consult with your primary care provider prior to introducing a new product into your healthcare regimen, particularly when you currently take prescription medication. Please advise your doctor that Amaçari is 100% camu camu with no additives or synthetic ingredients.

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